Germany 2022 – Director: Markus Weinberg, Steffi Rostoski – Original language: English, German, Spanish – Subtitles: English, German – Length: 105 min.

On our online platform for the artistic feature-length documentary film you will find a new film released every month. You can view the other selections here in the overview. Since 01 November, JONAS DEICHMANN – DAS LIMIT BIN NUR ICH, which celebrated its world premiere at DOK.fest München in May 2022, is available to you for a fee of 5.00 euros. 


What should you do when the world suddenly stands still? For the extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann, there is only one answer: keep moving. During the pandemic, the multiple world record holder sets himself a new goal: to circumnavigate the globe, with Munich as his start and end point – swimming, biking and running – to complete the longest triathlon in the world. Daniela Graf


This film can be seen in our online film library DOK.fest @home Selection since November 2022:


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Markus Weinberg studied political science, modern and contemporary history and sociology in Dresden. He works as a documentary filmmaker, video journalist and freelance editor, among others for MDR and the Dresdner Morgenpost.

Steffi Rostoski (Co-director) studied theatre and media studies, book and print studies and Japanology in Erlangen-Nürnberg and works as a producer, director and screenwriter, currently with ravir Film.


JONAS DEICHMANN – DAS LIMIT BIN NUR ICH, DE 2022, 105 min. (joint project)
HEADING EAST – A BIKEPACKING ADVENTURE, DE 2019, 80 min. (joint project)
DIE MISSION DER LIFELINE, DE 2019, 68 min. (Markus Weinberg)
THE NORTH DRIFT, DE 2022, 94 min. (Steffi Rostoski, Production)


Munich Premieres

Munich is the home of the filmmakers whose works are gathered together in the Munich Premieres. But time and again, the view extends far beyond the city limits. 


Writer: Markus Weinberg. Camera: Markus Weinberg, Uwe Nadler, Daniel Rintz, Roberto Lira, Andrey Bavchenkov, Armin Riedel. Sound: Edward Sikorski. Editing: Javier Sobremazas. Music: Dan Riley. Production: ravir film GbR. Producer: Uwe Nadler, Dorit Jeßner. International Sales: Rise And Shine World Sales UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Distribution: Rise And Shine World Sales UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

Munich Premieres 2022

This film can be seen in our online film library DOK.fest @home Selection since November 2022: