Germany 2012 – Director: Gereon Wetzel – Original language: Spanish – Subtitles: German

"You’ve made your bed, now lie in it!" But what happens when you can no longer pay for this place of slumber? In the face of the financial crisis the mad building boom that had begun in the early 2000s in Spain backfired mercilessly. The result was widespread private debt and compulsory acquisitions. Through individual cases we hear of horrendous loans and evictions. Comments from politicians and business people along with advertisements for the beautiful new housing complexes are met with wordless shots of half-finished luxury establishments and unfinanced building sites.
The advertising slogan’s depraved notion of “houses for all” is reduced to absurdity in this odyssey through emptiness, which shows how man and nature recapture space. Anja Klauck

Writer: Gereon Wenzel. Camera: Gereon Wenzel. Sound: Raúl Fernandez San Miguel. Editing: Gereon Wenzel. Music: Josef Mayerhofer. Production: if.. productions. Producer: Ingo Fliess. Length: 54 min.