Germany 2020 – Director: Michael Kranz – Original language: German, Bengali – Subtitles: English, German

Available from May 7th to May 24th. Please be sure to activate subtitles.

Nominated for the kinokino Audience Award, sponsored by BR and 3sat Nominated for the
kinokino Audience Award,
sponsored by BR and 3sat


Faced with a documentary film that included an interview with a young girl forced into prostitution, Michael Kranz asked himself the apparently banal question of “what can be done?” He travelled to Bangladesh and began to search for the girl. A film that is both self-critical and critical of society about the desire to at least do something and not to simply and passively accept the suffering in this world.


Writer: Michael Kranz. Camera: Dirk Richard Heidinger, Michael Kranz. Sound: Peter Kautzsch, Verena Wagner. Editing: Stine Sonne Munch, Miriam Märk, Maria Wördemann. Music: Vedanth Bharadwaj. Production: Sparkling Pictures. Producer: Felix von Poser, Michael Kranz. Length: 72 min.



After studying acting at the Otto Falckenberg School, Michael Kranz studied documentary film direction at the Academy for Television and Film in Munich. As a director he received the First Steps Award in 2018 for the fictional commercial MYBORDER'S JOYFENCE.


AM ENDE DER WIESE, DE 2010, 57 Min. (Koregie mit Pauline Roenneberger, Ariane Schröder)



For VIKTOR DOK.deutsch (worth 5,000 Euros)
For FFF Talent Award Documentary Film (endowed with 5.000 Euro, sponsored by FFF Bayern)



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