Russian Federation 2018 – Director: Nikolai Izvolov – Original language: Russian – Subtitles: English

Film art amid revolution and civil war. In this restored version of his debut work, the film pioneer, Dziga Vertov documents Russia between 1917 and 1918. A masterpiece from the early days of cinema.

We present the film screening with live music by Martin Lidl. He plays Lidloop, improvised music with Loopmachine: A soft tone, a groovy something, suddenly it repeats itself, swells, becomes more and more intense, breaks out and then suddenly lands in surprisingly cuddly regions... Or freely after Karl Valentin: There are a few directions lurking around every corner!


English/Original Title: GODOVSHCHINA REVOLYUTSII. Production: Nikolai Izvolov. Producer: Nikolai Izvolov. Length: 121 min. Distribution: Bildschön Filmproduktion/Linda Matern.