Ireland 2020 – Director: Tadhg O’Sullivan – Original language: Albanian, Chinese, Czech, English, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Irish, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Welsh – Subtitles: English – Length: 76 min.

It is impossible to resist the allure of the moon. Together with lonely dreamers and couples in love, we walk through the silvery moonlight. TO THE MOON is a mystical journey through time and space.

No youth rating

2,000 tickets are available for this film.


Tadhg O'Sullivan

The filmmaker from Carlow in Ireland also works as a sound designer. His films have screened at international festivals. In 2021 he is Film Artist in Recidence at University College Cork.


THE GREAT WALL, IE 2015, 74 min.
YXIMALLOO, IE / USA / JP 2014, 75 min.

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Camera: Tadhg O’Sullivan, Scott Barley, Joshua Bonnetta, Lorenzo Gattorna, Jimmy Gimferrer, Sam Hamilton, Ben Mullen, Ian Powell, Sara Ross-Samko, Peter Rubi, Margaret Salmon, Apal Singh, Michael Walsh, Feargal Ward & archive material. Sound: Steve Fanagan. Editing: Tadhg O’Sullivan. Music: Amanda Feery, Linda Buckley. Production: Inland Films. Producer: Clare Stronge. International Sales: Deckert Distribution.

Best of Fests 2021

2,000 tickets are available for this film.

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