Turkey 2023 – Director: Nejla Demirci – Original language: Turkish – Subtitles: English, None

When a wave of dismissals follows the attempted coup in Turkey, Yasemin, a doctor, and Engin, a teacher, are among those who suddenly find themselves on the streets. They try in vain to get their jobs back or just to find out the reason they were fired. For President Erdoğan however it is clear: those affected are not real Turks but “terrorists.” Then the film project also draws the attention of the authorities… Anne Thomé


With the support of Türkische Filmtage München

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English/Original Title: KANUN HÜKMÜ. German title: AUSNAHMEZUSTAND. Writer: Nejla Demirci. Camera: Ozan Turgut, Cafer Gebetaş, İlker Berke, Orçun Özkılınç. Sound: Metin Bozkurt. Editing: Thomas Balkenhol. Music: Julie Loi, Leonidas Danezos. Production: Ney Film. Producer: Nejla Demirci. Length: 96 min.



Nejla Demirci
After completing her sociology studies, Demirci worked in various service sectors. In 2010, she made her first documentary film SUNFLOWER. Like her follow-up film CONFRONTATION, it won numerous awards.


SUNFLOWER, TR 2012, 30 min.
CONFRONTATION, TR 2017, 63 min.


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