Germany 2021 – Director: Christian von Brockhausen, Willem Konrad – Original language: German – Subtitles: English – Length: 102 min.

This insightful film gives three young men in basic military training the space to reflect on their background, their problems, fears and dreams. An intensive look at Germany’s professional army in the context of global warfare.


Christian von Brockhausen

His political studies in Cologne were followed by a traineeship at NDR in 2008. Since then, von Brockhausen has received awards for many of his film works. His documentary HUDEKAMP - EIN HEIMATFILM received the German Television Award and KONTAKTSPERRE the Erich Klabunde Award at the Berlinale 2020.


KÖNIGE DER WELT, D 2016, 95 min.
KONTAKTSPERRE, D 2020, 30 min.

Willem Konrad

After receiving degrees in media and sports science from the University of Bochum and Madrid (Spain) in 2007, Willem Konrad worked as a multimedia journalist for the „Triathlon Magazin“, Europe’s largest triathlon magazine. In 2010 he completed a journalistic trainee programme at the German television and radio broadcaster NDR/ARD in Hamburg. The TV documentary PANAMAPAPERS – THE SHADY WORLD OF OFFSHORE COMPANIES received the Deutscher Fernsehpreis in 2017.

Filmografie (selection)

PANAMAPAPERS – THE SHADY WORLD OF OFFSHORE COMPANIES, D 2017, 55 min. (author, director, cameraman)


Competition DOK.deutsch

Intense stories and unusual things about our homeland: The competition presents films that deal with people and topics in the German-speaking countries. The VIKTOR DOK.deutsch is endowed with 5,000 euros.


Winner German Documentary Music Award 2021


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English/Original Title: SOLDIERS. Writer: Christian von Brockhausen & Willem Konrad. Camera: Christian von Brockhausen & Willem Konrad. Sound: Christian von Brockhausen & Willem Konrad. Editing: Willem Konrad. Music: Christoph Schauer. Production: keine. Producer: keiner. Redaktion: Timo Großpietsch (NDR). International Sales: In Prüfung: First Hand Films Distribution: in Bewerbung, Farbfilm, realfiction

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