Switzerland 2020 – Director: Thomas Imbach – Original language: English, German – Subtitles: English – Length: 132 min.

Destroying, stripping, smashing, demolishing: in the staccato rhythm of the heavy machinery, the film reconstructs the dismantling of a Zurich freight railway station to make way for a prison and police station. A swan song to our lack of connection to history and the illusion of total security.

No youth rating


Thomas Imbach

Thomas Imbach is one of the most innovative Swiss filmmakers with international appeal. He moves back and forth between the genres of documentary and feature film with virtuosity, and does not shy away from bold experiments on both a narrative and formal level.


Filmography (selection)

GHETTO, CH 1997, 122 min.
WELL DONE, CH 1994, 75 min.


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Winner DOK.edit Award – presented by Adobe

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Production: OKOFILM PRODUCTIONS, GmbH. Producer: Flora Grolitsch. International Sales: Frenetic Films.

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