Germany 2006 – Director: Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken – Original language: Chinese, German – Subtitles: German – Length: 96 min.

An ultra-modern coking plant in the Ruhr area is shut down and dismantled by Chinese workers in order to rebuild it in the Far East. The work ethic of the two worlds is subtly and precisely examined.




The author, director and producer Ulrike Franke studied theatre, film and television studies, Romance studies and art history in Cologne. In 1996 she founded the film production company "loekenfranke" together with Michael Loeken. She makes documentary films and participates in various television and cinema productions.

Michael Loeken studied theatre, film and television studies in Cologne and was sound engineer for many years for documentary and feature films. Since 1996 he has been an author, director and producer. In 1996 he cofounded the film production company "loekenfranke" together with Ulrike Franke.

Filmography (shared)

GÖTTLICHE LAGE, DE 2018, 99 min.
ARBEIT HEIMAT OPEL, DE 2012, 90 min.


DOK.special 40 years AG DOK

A small circle of documentary filmmakers joined together in 1980 with the aim of creating a lively documentary film culture in Germany. 40 years later, AG DOK is a professional association of more than 900 filmmakers and is also the largest film association in Germany.

DOK.fest München is celebrating this with an anniversary programme: four selected documentary films by AG DOK members shed light on important socio-political issues of their respective times and thus exemplify four decades of a lively documentary film culture in Germany.


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Writer: Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken. Camera: Michael Loeken, Rüdiger Spott. Sound: Tilo Busch, SoundVision. Editing: Guido Krajewski. Music: Maciej Sledziecki. Production: filmproduktion loekenfranke. Producer: Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken. Co-Producers: WDR, Goethe Institut.

DOK.special40 years AG DOK 2020

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