Mexiko 2020 – Director: Luciana Kaplan – Original language: Spanish – Subtitles: English – Length: 78 min.

“Progress, but for whom?” The National Indigenous Congress in Mexico fights against displacement, repression and destruction of the environment. Leading the way are the women of the movement, headed by Marichuy, who wants to run for election as the country’s president.

We present the German Premiere of the film.

No youth rating


Luciana Kaplan

Kaplan was born in Argentina and has lived in Mexico since 1975. Her films have been supported by the "Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes", "Imcine" and "Eficine" and have won many important awards around the world. After a long series of short documentaries, LA VOCERA is her third feature-length documentary.


DOK.horizonte Competition / DOK.focus Empowerment

The films in the DOK.horizonte series, supported by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL with funds from the BMZ, tell stories from countries in transition. They are nominated for the VIKTOR DOK.horizonte, endowed with 5,000 euros, donated by the Petra Kelly Foundation.


English/Original Title: THE SPOKESWOMAN. Writer: Luciana Kaplan. Camera: Ernesto Pardo. Sound: Nicolás Aguilar. Editing: Valentina Leduc, Luciana Kaplan. Music: Alejandro Castaños, Federico Schmucler. Production: Alebrije Productions. Producer: Carolina Coppel, Monica Lozano, Eamon O'Farrill.

DOK.focus Empowerment 2021