CH 2005 – Director: Ulrich Grossenbacher und Damaris Lüthi – Original language: English, German, Hindi – Subtitles: German


In the 1960s Western hippies travelled to India in their droves seeking out an alternative way of life, spiritual enlightenment and the chance to experiment with mind-bending drugs. So many travellers arrived on Indian shores that the local farmers speculated that there must be a drought in the West. After a while most of the tourists returned home but some stayed forever.

Italian Cesare now lives a life dedicated to the quest for spiritual liberation among fellow ascetics in a cave. Hanspeter spends his days, hashpipe in mouth, not in his native Switzerlandbut on his small farm in the Himalayas. In Goa we come across two South African twins with flowers in their hair who have been selling hippie clothes for years to generation upon generation of Western travellers.

Hippie Masala tells the fascinating story of the flower children who turned their backs on their roots in the West and blossomed in the land of the Indian subcontinent.

Writer: Damaris Lüthi. Camera: Ulrich Grossenbacher. Sound: Avesh Serge Valentin, Balthasar Jucker. Editing: Maya Schmid. Music: Disu Gmünder. Production: Ulrich Grossenbacher. Producer: Ulrich Grossenbacher. Length: 93 min.

International Program (2002-2009) 2006
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    Hindi, English, German with German subtitles
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