Deutschland 2020 – Director: Hille Norden – Original language:

Saher’s longing for his family is immense. He travelled alone to Germany as a refugee from Syria. It is not until four years later that his wife Lubna and his two sons are allowed to reunite with him. Hille Norden documents the first year that the family shares in their new home.

We present the World Premiere of the film.

The subtitles are selectable in the audio settings of the video.

No youth rating

English/Original Title: SOUL SETTLEMENT. Writer: Hille Norden. Camera: Hille Norden. Sound: Marc Bargmann. Editing: Mohamad Almousilly. Music: Christian Krauss. Production: Hille Norden (Privatperson). Producer: Hille Norden. Length: 97 min.


Hille Norden

Hille Norden is a filmmaker, poetry slammer and actress. At 16, she wrote and produced the film JOLA, directed by Johann Schultz. Her documentary directorial debut was KHELLO BRÜDER.


KHELLO BRÜDER, D 2018, 77 min.
JOLA, D 2016, 84 min.

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Intense stories and unusual things about our homeland: The competition presents films that deal with people and topics in the German-speaking countries. The VIKTOR DOK.deutsch is endowed with 5,000 euros.


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