DDR 1961 – Director: Winfried Junge – Original language: German – Subtitles: None – Length: 57 min.

A school life in fast motion: With THE CHILDREN OF GOLZOW, Winfried Junge created the oldest long-term observation in film history, which only came to an end in 2007 after 22 parts. We show the first three parts of the series:

WHEN I FIRST GO TO SCHOOL' (GDR 1961, 13 min.)
Beginning of the Golzow series, Winfried Junge and the "children of Golzow" meet for the first time. For the children it is their last days in kindergarten and their first day at school in September 1961.

The second part of the Golzow series follows the school lessons of a first class in Golzow. It focuses on the children's cooperation, experiences and reactions during the lessons. After one year, the children receive their transfer certificates to the second class.

ELEVEN YEARS OLD, 3rd PART (GDR 1966, 29 min.)
The zenith of childhood in a portrait of the 5th grade in Golzow. A short review at the beginning informs about the previous two films. Then the children are surprised with the question of what they propose to film themselves.

No youth rating


Winfried Junge – Berlin, 1935

After studying German Literature, Winfried Junge transferred to the German Academy of Cinematography in Potsdam-Babelsberg in 1954. He completed his studies in 1958 with the theoretical thesis "Some Problems of the Design of the New Hero in the DEFA Documentary Film with an Industrial Theme". He then worked at the DEFA studio for popular science films as an assistant to the documentarist Karl Gauss. It was from Gauss that the idea for the Golzow series came in 1961.


Retrospective 75 Years of DEFA

Eight documentaries from five decades of DEFA film production. We present the retrospective on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the GDR's nationally owned film studio.

Writer: Winfried Junge (Teil 1 und 2), mit Hans E. Leupold (Teil 3). Camera: Hans Dunke, Walfried Labuczewski (Teil 1), Hans Leupold (Teil 2 und 3). Sound: K.-H. Schmischke, H.-J. Mittag (Teil 1), H.-J. Mittag, H. Heinke (Teil 2), R. Rolke, P. Sosna (Teil 3). Editing: Christel Hemmerling (Teil 1), Charlotte Beck (Teil 2), Charlotte Beck, Christel Hemmerling (Teil 3). Music: Kurt Grottke (Teil 1), Gerhard Rosenfeld (Teil 3). Production: DEFA Studio für Wochenschau und Dokumentarfilme. Producer: N.N.. International Sales: Icestorm Media (Online), DEFA-Filmverleih

Retrospective 75 years of DEFA 2021

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