Germany 2020 – Director: Tanja Cummings – Original language: German, Hebrew, Polish, Yiddish – Subtitles: English, German, None, Polish – Length: 96 min.

The Zelig café in Munich is a meeting place. More than 70 years after the holocaust, survivors get together on a weekly basis. These people have been on great life journeys and now they tell their stories in front of the camera.

The subtitles are selectable in the audio settings of the video.

No youth rating


Tanja Cummings

Cummings studied philosophy, English literature and linguistics at the Free University of Berlin. She works as a freelance storyboard artist and illustrator and makes documentaries, among other things, as project manager for the European Association for East-West Rapprochement.



LINIE 41, D 2015, 100 min.

Münchner Premieren

Munich is the home of the filmmakers whose works are collected in this series. But time and again, the gaze also wanders far beyond the city's borders.

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English/Original Title: CAFÉ ZELIG. Writer: Tanja Cummings. Camera: Marek Iwicki. Sound: Kai Ziarkowski, Krzysztof Bak, Mehmet Taner Asma. Editing: Angelika Levi, Tanja Cummings, Martin Hirsch. Music: n/a. Production: Weltfilm GmbH. Producer: Kristina Konrad. Co-Producers: Co-Produzentin: Tanja Cummings. International Sales: bislang übernimmt dies: Europäischer Verein für Ost-West-Annäherung e. V.. Distribution: bislang übernimmt dies: Europäischer Verein für Ost-West-Annäherung e. V..

Munich Premieres 2021

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