Netherlands 2010 – Director: Catherine van Campen – Original language: Dutch – Subtitles: English – Length: 21 min.

11-year-old Anne, a cheerful pretty girl, tries every day to make sure people don't notice her tics. The neurological disorder Tourette's syndrome forces her to do this: she has to twist, twitch or even lick things. With her best friend Delano or while riding her bike, she can feel free and fly away from her worries. If she could manage to talk openly about her condition at school and with strangers, it might make her life easier. She now wants to take up this fight.

In a pastel look, sometimes accompanied by slow motion and music, sometimes purely observing with a clear gaze, filmmaker Catherine van Campen tells of the hardships and beautiful moments in Anne's life. A horizon-expanding plea for the beautiful uniqueness of every human being. Maya Reichert Schule des Sehens 2021

Without age restriction


Catherine van Campen

Catherine van Campen lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied history and is now an independent filmmaker and radio presenter at Radiomakers Desmet, among others. ANNE FLIEGT is her third film. It has received numerous awards at international festivals, including Hot Docs (Canada) and Visions du Réel (Switzerland). Her subsequent films GARAGE 2.0, ZAATARI DJINN and MISSIE NS have all been screened at major festivals and received recognition and awards.


English/Original Title: ANNE VLIEGT. Writer: Catherine van Campen. Camera: Aage Hollander. Sound: Mark Wessner, Marc Schmidt. Editing: Albert Markus, Jelle Peter de Ruiter (NCRV). Music: Jeroen Goeijers. Production: Zuidenwind Filmproductions. Producer: Joost Seelen. Co-Producers: Produktion: Rob Maas Produktion NCRV: Yolande van der Blij, Schlussredaktion: Jelle Peter de Ruiter. International Sales: NPO/RNW Sales. 2021

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