China, United States 2012 – Director: Alison Klayman – Original language: Chinese, English – Subtitles: English

"Freedom is quite a strange affair. Once you have experienced it, it remains in your heart and no-one can take it away from you." The political artist, Ai Weiwei takes his freedom into his own hands and openly denounces the corruption and arbitrariness of the Chinese regime. The film follows him over the course of three years and gives him, and many of his associates, a chance to have their say. Ai Weiwei is depicted as an ever-critical force and as much of an expert in handling the internet and international media as he is with his art. In 2011 the Chinese regime hit back. He was imprisoned and convicted. But Ai Weiwei sees himself as a chess player and now it is his move… Andrea Naica-Loebell

Writer: Alison Klayman. Camera: Alison Klayman, Colin Jones. Sound: Alison Klayman. Editing: Jen Fineran. Music: Ilan Isakov. Production: Never Sorry LLC. Producer: Alison Klayman, Adam Schlesinger. Length: 91 min. Distribution: DCM / Delphi Filmverleih GmbH.

DOK.panorama 2012
  • Sunday
    Pinakothek der Moderne
    Chinese original with English subtitles