DOK.deutsch Competition

At this film screening, director Rebecca Hirneise as well as cameraman Tilmann Rödiger and editor Florian Kecht will be our guests for a subsequent Q&A.


Österreich 2024 – Director: Rebecca Hirneise – German orig. vers. w/English subtitles – subsequ. Q&A w/director, camera, editor – Length: 90 min.

  • Mo., 06.05.24
    Neues Maxim

Rebecca Hirneise goes back to her deeply protestant family. Until now, her relatives have always prayed but never talked about it. Now a conversation is opened up. Without bias or judgement, the director explores the family members’ beliefs. The spectrum is wide: there are the faithful and god-fearing, those who pray for miracles and those who don’t believe. The rifts between them are deep. Ysabel Fantou


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Filmmaker and trained photographer Rebecca Hirneise was born in Mühlacker, Swabia. She studied media art in Karlsruhe, then screenwriting and directing at the Film Academy in Vienna, where she has lived for a long time and works as a director and producer.

Filmography (selection)

ALLTAG, AT 2018, 30 min.
ALTER FLUGPLATZ, DE 2013, 40 min.


No FSK youth rating

English/Original Title: GOD BETWEEN US. Writer: Rebecca Hirneise & Philipp Diettrich. Camera: Tilmann Rödiger. Sound: Cristi Iorga. Editing: Florian Kecht. Production: Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion. Producer: Ruth Beckermann.

  • Mo., 06.05.24
    Neues Maxim