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At this film screening, director Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri will be our guest for a subsequent Q&A.



Italien, Litauen 2023 – Director: Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri – Original version with English subtitles – subsequent Q&A with the director – Length: 101 min.

  • Do., 02.05.24
    Gasteig HP8 Projektor

25 years after the suicide of her mother in the Tiber, the director uses her imagination to bring her back to life and goes on a stroll through Rome. With archive material and fictional present-day scenes, she tells the story of the city and the woman who was carried away by the water. These old and new images create a dialogue between memory and fantasy, pain and hope. Selia Fischer



Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri studied sound engineering and literature in Rome. She works experimentally, using both analog and digital techniques, from Super 8 to computer graphics. Her feature film debut AMOR premiered at the Venice Biennale.

Filmography (selction)

THE WATERS TALE, IT 2021, 7 min.
MY SISTER IS A PAINTER, IT 2014, 37 min.
MICROBIOMA, IT 2013, 5 min.


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No FSK youth rating

Writer: Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri. Camera: Simone Rivoire, Elvina Nevardauskaitė. Sound: Vito Martinelli, Beatrice Mele. Editing: Beppe Leonetti, Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri. Music: Martynas Bialobžeskis. Production: Stefilm International srl. Producer: Edoardo Fracchia.

  • Do., 02.05.24
    Gasteig HP8 Projektor