At this film screening, director Agnieszka Zwiefka will be our guest for a subsequent Q&A.


Polen, Deutschland 2024 – Director: Agnieszka Zwiefka – Orig. version w/English subtitles – subsequent Q&A w/director Agnieszka Zwiefka – Length: 84 min.

  • Do., 09.05.24
    Bellevue di Monaco

Hell and hope: Runa, a 16 year old Kurdish girl, and her family are among the thousands of refugees on their way to Europe who are trapped in a forest between Belarus and Poland in 2021 after they are cruelly pushed back from the border. After 18 days in the freezing cold and the death of her mother, responsibility for her family falls on the girl. A sketchbook allows Runa to express her feelings. Anja Klauck

Notice: This film contains explicit depictions of death.



Agnieszka Zwiefka is an award-winning filmmaker. She is a member of the European Film Academy (EFA) and a graduate of various workshops, including Berlinale Talents, dok.incubator and Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidmans The Writers Lab.

Filmography (selection)

VIKA!, PL/DE/FL 2023, 74 min.
SCARS, DE/PL/NL 2020, 79 min.
QUEEN OF SILENCE, DE/PL 2014, 80 min. (DOK.fest München 2015)

Nominated for the DOK.fest Award of SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit


No FSK youth rating

Writer: Agnieszka Zwiefka. Camera: Kacper Czubak. Sound: Franciszek Kozłowski, Daniel Adamczyk. Editing: Michał Buczek. Music: Niklas Paschburg. Production: Chilli Productions sp. z o.o.. Producer: Zofia Kujawska, Agnieszka Zwiefka. International Sales: Chilli Productions sp. z o.o. Distribution: Filmproduktion GmbH

  • Do., 09.05.24
    Bellevue di Monaco