DOK.horizonte Competition – Cinema of Urgency


Schweiz, Deutschland 2024 – Director: Heidi Specogna – Original version with English subtitles – Length: 89 min.

  • Di., 07.05.24
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The photographer Claudia Andujar looks back at her life and tells us how, as a child, she was the only member of her Jewish family to survive the Holocaust and struggled to find meaning in her life. Eventually, she found it in her expressive portraits of the Yanomami who live in the Amazon in Brazil. Specogna’s film hits like an arrow to the heart. It is profound, touching and full of hope. Dayela Valenzuela

Note: This film contains explicit depictions of dead people.



The Swiss filmmaker Heidi Specogna studied at the Film and Television Academy Berlin and has been a professor at the Ludwigsburg Film Academy since 2003. Her films have received numerous awards. An homage was dedicated to her at the 37th DOK.fest München.

Filmography (selection)

STAND UP MY BEAUTY, CH/DE 2021, 110 min.
CAHIER AFRICAIN, CH/DE 2016, 119 min.
CARTE BLANCHE, CH/DE 2011, 91 min.


Nominated for the DOK.horizonte Competition – Cinema of Urgency

The films in this series tell stories from countries in transition. They are supported by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL with funds from the BMZ and are nominated for the VIKTOR DOK.horizonte Competition, endowed with 5,000 euros. The award donor is the Petra-Kelly-Stiftung.


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English/Original Title: THE LADY WITH THE ARROWS. Writer: Heidi Specogna. Camera: Johann Feindt. Sound: Jule Katinka Cramer. Editing: Kaya Inan. Music: Raffael Seyfried. Production: LICHTBLICK Film, PS Film. Producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, Peter Spoerri. Distribution: W-film Distribution.

  • Di., 07.05.24
    HFF - Audimax