DOK.deutsch Competition

At this film screening, directors Marcelo Busse and Julia Suermondt as well as protagonists Hans Reckhaus, Frank and Patrik Riklin, Gundi, and other residents from Deppendorf will be our guests for a subsequent Q&A. 


Germany 2024 – Director: Marcelo Busse, Julia Suermondt – German orig. version w/English subt. – subsequ. Q&A w/directors & protagonists – Length: 86 min.

  • Mo., 06.05.24
    Neues Rottmann

“Deppendorf will never be the same again.” Two Swiss concept artists are planning an unusual project with Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus, the director of a Bielefeld insect control company: “Save the Flies.” The first prize in the competition is a massage and multi-course meal at a 5-star hotel for the winning fly. A simple publicity stunt? Instrumentalization? Or the rousing power of art? Entertaining and thought-provoking cinema. Anja Klauck



Julia Suermondt has been working as a filmmaker, editor and media artist since 2010. 

Marcelo Busse has been working as a producer for feature documentaries since 2001 and as a director together with Julia Suermondt since 2022.

Filmography (selection)

Julia Suermondt
ISI, DE 2011, 27 min.

Marcelo Busse (als Produzent)
KOKOLAMPY, DE 2014–2016, 83 min.
BAD BOY KUMMER, CH/DE 2010, 92 min.
THE WHALE AND THE RAVEN, CA 2019, 101 min. (Opening film of DOK.fest München 2019)


Nominated for the DOK.deutsch Wettbewerb

Intense stories and the unusual on one's own doorstep: the competition presents films that deal with people and topics in German-speaking countries. The VIKTOR DOK.deutsch Competition is endowed with 7,500 euros. The prize sponsor is Sky.


No FSK youth rating

English/Original Title: THE ENTREPRENEUR THE VILLAGE AND THE ARTISTS. Writer: Ein Film von Marcelo Busse und Julia Suermondt, basierend auf der Aktion „Fliegen retten in Deppendorf“ von Frank und Patrik Riklin. Camera: Jelena Gernert, Patrik Riklin. Sound: Jelena Gernert, Patrik Riklin, Dave Anderson, Kai Blankenberg. Editing: Julia Suermondt. Music: -. Production: Marcelo Busse Filmproduktion. Producer: Marcelo Busse. International Sales: derzeit noch keiner Distribution: derzeit noch keiner

  • Mo., 06.05.24
    Neues Rottmann