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At this film screening, directors Andreas Hartmann and Arata Mori will be our guests in a video call for a subsequent Q&A. 


Deutschland, Japan 2024 – Director: Andreas Hartmann, Arata Mori – Original version with English subtitles – subseq. online Q&A with the directors – Length: 86 min.

  • Fr., 10.05.24
    HFF - Audimax

Japanese night moving companies specialise in the art of disappearance and help those who need or want to leave their former lives behind. On their nightly missions they discretely and efficiently orchestrate people’s transition to a new existence. In the process, they often skirt the boundaries of legality due to the diverse motivations behind the disappearances. Eva Weinmann

Winner of

VIKTOR Main Competition
Donated by Bayerischer Rundfunk, endowed with 10,000 euros

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Andreas Hartmann lives in Berlin and studied at the Film Academy Konrad Wolf Potsdam-Babelsberg and the Berlin University of the Arts. He works as a filmmaker, photographer and radio producer. His work has won several national and international awards.   

Arata Mori studied art in London and lives in Tokyo and Berlin. He works not only as a documentary film and television director: his creative work ranges from art and experimental film to dance theater, corporate videos and architecture. 

Filmography (selection)

Andreas Hartmann 
A FREE MAN, DE/JP 2017, 75 min. 
MY BUDDHA IS PUNK, DE 2015, 68 min.
DAYS OF RAIN, DE/VN 2010, 72 min.

Arata Mori 
A MILLION, DE/JP 2021, 65 min.
CAMINO NEGRO, UK 2012, 15 min. 


Nominated for the VIKTOR Main Competition

Slices of life, insights and perspectives: the films of the International Competition open doors to new worlds for us. They compete for the award VIKTOR Main Competition, which is endowed with 10,000 euros. The award donor is Bayerischer Rundfunk.


No FSK youth rating

German title: JOHATSU – DIE SICH IN LUFT AUFLÖSEN. Writer: Andreas Hartmann. Camera: Andreas Hartmann. Sound: Nils Vogel-Bartling, Linus Nickl. Editing: Kai Eiermann (BFS). Music: Jana Irmert, Mika Takehara. Production: Ossa Film. Producer: Andreas Hartmann. International Sales: CAT&Docs. Distribution: Real Fiction Filme.

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  • Fr., 10.05.24
    HFF - Audimax