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Film length at the screening on 12 May: 60 min. with film discussion afterwards

Guests: Katja Engelhardt (Journalist and Podcaster) and Kathrin Palesch (CEO A+E Networks Germany)


USA 2022 – Director: Alexandra Dean – Engl.Vers., Panel: Katja Engelhardt & Kathrin Palesch (CEO A+E Networks Germany)

During his lifetime, the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was already a subject of controversy: some people (mostly men) saw him as a visionary and driver of the sexual revolution; others said he had a misguided understanding of freedom and women’s rights. In her documentary series, Dean lets the victims of Hefner’s success have their say. Did Playboy offer sexual liberation? For men at most. Helga-Mari Steininger

Production: Industrial Media's The Intellectual Property Corporation, Crime+Investigation. Producer: Alexandra Dean, Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, Matt Shanfield. Length: 90 min. Distribution: N.N. / Filmlänge bei der Filmvorführung am 12.05.: 60 Min. mit Filmgespräch

  • Thursday
  • 20:30
  • City 2