Frankreich, Spanien 2014 – Director: Marc Weymuller – Original with English subtitles – Length: 123 min.

  • Tue, 05/10/22
    Instituto Cervantes

The battle for Belchite in the civil war was particularly fierce and Franco himself promised to build “a beautiful and spacious new town as a reward for unprecedented heroism.” The old Belchite could have been rebuilt; it was not completely ruined. But this was about something else: the eradication of reality – the result: amnesia. Elena Álvarez Lutz

We present the German premiere of the film.


No youth rating


Marc Weymuller

Born in Marseille, he focuses on the present and the past. He has been making industrial and educational films since 1991, shooting his first short film in 1996 and his first long film MALGRÉ LA NUIT in 2004, which he also edited.


MALGRÉ LA NUIT, FR 2004, 54 min.
LA VIE AU LOIN, FR 2011, 81 min.


Retrospective: Franquismo in Spain

Franco's legacy – for a long time a culturally untouched, nationwide trauma that has become a defining part of Spanish identity. We present six films from four decades of facing and coping with Franquismo.

This project has been possible with the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).



English/Original Title: LA PROMESSE DE FRANCO. Writer: Marc Weymuller. Camera: Xavier Arpino. Sound: Marc Weymuller. Editing: Marc Weymuller. Music: Bruno Fleutelot. Production: Association Le Tempestaire. Producer: Simon Gillet. International Sales: Association Le Tempestaire. Distribution: Association Le Tempestaire.

  • Tue, 05/10/22
    Instituto Cervantes