Homage Heidi Specogna


Deutschland, Schweiz 2016 – Director: Heidi Specogna – Original with German subtitles

Seen from the outside, the “Cahier Africain” is a simple exercise book. Flipping it open you get an uneasy sense of its historic and judicial significance: over 300 victims of sexual abuse and martial violence at the hands of Congolese rebels in the Central African Republic bear witness here. A contemporary document that goes beyond the simple reporting of conflict. Barbara Off


Writer: Heidi Specogna. Camera: Johann Feind. Sound: Karsten Höfer (ZAR 2008) Thomas Lüdemann (ZAR 2009/10) Bernd von Bassewitz (ZAR 2011) Jule Cramer, (Den Haag 2012) Florian Hoffmann (ZAR 2013) Heidi Specogna (ZAR 2014) Andreas Turnwald (Tschad 2014). Editing: Kaya Inan. Music: Peter Scherer Christian Halten (Kinderchorlied). Production: PS Film GmbH. Producer: Peter Spoerri. Length: 119 min. International Sales: Rushlake Media GmbH. Distribution: déjà-vu Film.

  • Saturday
  • 17:30
  • HFF - Kino 2