Spanien 2021 – Director: Remedios Malvárez, Arturo Andújar – English subtitles, Q&A Remedios Malvárez Baez & Arturo Andújar Molinera (dir.) – Length: 92 min.

  • So., 08.05.22
    Neues Rottmann

The failure to search for the victims of the Franco regime belongs to one of the darkest chapters of recent Spanish history. The Pico Reja mass grave in Seville also remained closed until 2020. The opening of the grave encourages relatives and witnesses to talk about their long-suppressed memories of those who were killed. Pablo Bücheler

We present the international premiere of the film.


No youth rating


Remedios Malvárez 

Remedios Malvárez works as a director of documentaries and commercials. In 2019 she was awarded the RTVA Award for Best Filmmaker in Andalusia.

Arturo Andújar

Arturo Andújar studied film at the EICTV School in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba). He works as a photographer, director and screenwriter. PICO REJA. LA VERDAD QUE LA TIERRA ESCONDE is the third film of the directing duo.


MENESE, ES 2019, 80 min.
ALALÁ, ES 2016, 71 min.


Retrospective: Franquismo in Spain

Franco's legacy – for a long time a culturally untouched, nationwide trauma that has become a defining part of Spanish identity. We present six films from four decades of facing and coping with Franquismo.

This project has been possible with the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).



English/Original Title: PICO REJA. THE TRUTH BURIED BENEATH. German title: PICO REJA. DIE DARUNTER BEGRABENE WAHRHEIT. Writer: Remedios Malvárez / Arturo Andújar. Camera: Luis Castilla. Sound: Coco Goyonet. Editing: Arturo Andújar. Music: Javier Prieto. Production: Producciones Singulares. Producer: executive producer : Paola Sanz de Baranda. International Sales: pendiente Distribution: no

  • So., 08.05.22
    Neues Rottmann