Republik Moldau 2021 – Director: Ana Gurdiș – Original with English subtitles

Maria and Marin have been wheelchair users since their childhood. Accessibility is a lengthy process in a small town in Moldova. People with disabilities barely participate in society but the two of them have achieved it: marriage, home and children. It is a life worth fighting for. Their small girl Eva is just learning to walk. Helga-Mari Steininger

We present the German premiere of the film.


Co-Director: Ana Gurdiș. Writer: Ana Gurdiș. Camera: Alexandru Smiricinschi. Sound: Alexandru Smiricinschi. Editing: Ana Gurdiș. Production: Telefilm Chisinau. Producer: Mircea Surdu. Length: 68 min. International Sales: Telefilm Chisinau

  • Saturday
  • 17:00
  • City 3