Belgien, Deutschland 2021 – Director: Alain Platel, Mirjam Devriendt – Original with English subtitles

Is anger a fundamental part of humanity? Alain Platel and his dancers explore our relationship with violence. From Mahler’s music, via early film images of the continent shaken by the horrors of the first world war, to the ensemble’s memories of their own experiences of war and violence. A highly intense and emotive film. Silvia Bauer

We present the international premiere of the film.


Camera: Mirjam Devriendt. Sound: Jean-François Levillain, Lucas Colle, Jeroen Dejonghe, Gedeon Depauw. Editing: Dieter Diependaele. Music: Steven Prengels. Production: Cassette for timescapes, Gebrueder Beetz Filmprod., Onomatopee Films, ZDF/ARTE. Producer: Emmy Oost, Christian Beetz. Length: 97 min. International Sales: Cassette for timescapes.

  • Tuesday
  • 20:30
  • City 2