Student Award


Deutschland 2022 – Director: Vera Brückner – Original with English subtitles

Ex-East, ex-West, the Cold War and a great love affair. How was it? How did it feel? There are films that rely on images and archive and then there are the films that simply recreate everything without further ado in playful detail. A film that crosses borders, with tongue in cheek humour that is one thing above all: a great love story. Jan Sebening


Writer: Vera Brückner. Camera: Felix Pflieger. Sound: Jannik Flieger, Cornelia Böhm. Editing: Sophie Oldenbourg. Music: Florian Paul, Nils Wrasse, Giuliano Loli. Production: NORDPOLARIS GmbH. Producer: Fabian Halbig. Length: 94 min.

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  • Friday
  • 18:30
  • Atelier 1