Österreich 2021 – Director: Marko Doringer – Original with German subtitles, Q&A with Marko Doringer (director)

Marko Doringer has a lot on his mind. A new stage of life is around the corner: a time that will demand endurance and immersion. His job situation is precarious. He is plagued by excuses, questions and doubts. How do you find the right balance between family and career? A search begins for the recipe for a happy life. Ina Borrmann

We present the world premiere of the film.


Writer: Marko Doringer. Camera: Marko Doringer, Joerg Burger. Sound: Tong Zhang. Editing: Daniel Flax, Marko Doringer. Music: Elsa Tootsie and the Mini Band, Les Hommes Sauvages. Production: Filmfabrik - Marko Doringer Filmproduktion. Producer: Marko Doringer. Length: 93 min.

  • Friday
  • 20:00
  • HFF - Kino 2