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Spanien 2021 – Director: Marc Parramon Bori, Amets Arzallus Antia – Original with English subtitles

A brawl in the small Basque town of Altsasu is interpreted as a terrorist attack and eight young people are brought to trial facing life sentences. “Hate, death and fear,” “they are evil,” “beasts.” The trial is exploited politically and by the media to stir up bad feelings towards left-wing groups. An explosive film about a judicial scandal. Samay Claro

We present the German premiere of the film.


English/Original Title: ALTSASU (GAU HURA). Camera: Marc Parramon Bori. Editing: Marc Parramon Bori. Production: Massa d'Or Produccions, SL. Producer: Isona Passola, Aleix Castellón. Length: 83 min.

  • Thursday
  • 20:30
  • HFF - Kino 2