Homage Heidi Specogna


Deutschland, Schweiz 1996 – Director: Heidi Specogna, Rainer Hoffmann – Original with English subtitles, Q&A with Heidi Specogna (director)

Guerilla, flower grower, member of parliament. The revolutionary Pepe Mujica looks back on Uruguay’s “Movement for National Liberation” together with Compañeras and Compañeros. They recall their time in the underground, torture at the hands of the military dictatorship and the biggest prison break in the world. A story of the eternal struggle for social change. Christian Lösch


Writer: Heidi Specogna. Camera: Rainer Hoffmann. Sound: Ulla Kösterke. Editing: Dörte Völz. Music: Hans Koch. Production: Specogna Filmprod., Biograph Film/TagTraum GmbH Filmprod., ZDF/ARTE. Producer: Heidi Specogna. Length: 93 min. International Sales: Specogna Filmproduktion

  • Friday
  • 20:30
  • Filmmuseum