Deutschland 2022 – Director: Heiko Aufdermauer, Johannes Girke – Original with English subtitles

Sophie and Dominik’s love story takes place on the streets. The two young people sleep in doorways, roam around Berlin and hang out with friends. But a shadow looms over them: Dominik faces a prison sentence. When Sophie falls pregnant, the couple long for their own place to live. Epic and incredibly intimate without passing judgement. Ysabel Fantou


Camera: Johannes Girke, Heiko Aufdermauer, Victoire Bonin. Sound: Marcel Dadalto, Maria Miasoedova. Editing: Johannes Girke, Heiko Aufdermauer. Production: SILENTFILM Filmproduktion. Producer: Heiko Aufdermauer. Length: 86 min. International Sales: SILENTFILM Filmproduktion. Distribution: SILENTFILM Filmproduktion

  • Saturday
  • 20:30
  • Rio 2