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Spanien 2021 – Director: Arantza Santesteban – Original with English subtitles, Q&A with Arantza Santesteban (director)

In 2007, the director was sentenced to prison for her political activism. In the Basque country, something like this shapes your identity for life. Details, smells, encounters – like under a magnifying glass, time passes her by. But she doesn’t want to be subsumed by it. Rather, she wants to know who she really is. Elena Álvarez Lutz

We present the German premiere of the film.


English/Original Title: 918 GAU. Camera: Maddi Barber. Sound: Alazne Ameztoy. Editing: Mariona Solé. Production: Hiruki Filmak and Txintxua Films. Producer: Marina Lamerio and Marian Fernández Pascal. Length: 65 min. International Sales: Begin Again Films. Distribution: Begin Again Films.

  • Friday
  • 22:00
  • Atelier 1