Japan, Taiwan, Frankreich 2021 – Director: Yin-yu Huang – Original with English subtitles

Grandmother Hashima will die soon. Her days flow by and stagnate. Memories drift on the air around her secluded hut, the crashing waves, the creaking mangrove forests. She is the last descendent of the immigrant workers from Taiwan who suffered great hardships in the mines in the south west of Japan. A testimony from the island of the dead – a memorial to the workers of the GREEN JAIL. Helga-Mari Steininger

We present the international premiere of the film.


English/Original Title: MIDORI NO ROUGOKU. Writer: Yin-yu Huang. Camera: Shungo Nakatani. Sound: Cheng Chou, Chia-jung Li, Allen Kang. Editing: Valérie Pico, Mon Cher Ho, Yin-Yu Huang. Music: Thomas Foguenne. Production: Moolin Production, Co., Ltd. / Moolin Films, Ltd. Producer: Yin-yu Huang. Length: 101 min. International Sales: Moolin Films, Ltd.

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