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Niederlande 2021 – Director: Oeke Hoogendijk – Original with English subtitles

A woman in her living room, watching television with her cat. At first the scene appears quite ordinary but soon you are gazing into an abyss. Filmmaker Oeke Hoogendijk’s mother vehemently refuses to leave her house. HOUSEWITZ gives an insight into an oppressive reality where the holocaust lives on in the everyday lives of the house’s inhabitants. Adele Kohout

We present the German premiere of the film.


Writer: Oeke Hoogendijk. Camera: Sander Snoep, Jet Homoet, Oeke Hoogendijk. Sound: Michel Schöpping, Tijn Hazen. Editing: Katharina Wartena. Music: Juho Nurmela. Production: Discours Film. Producer: Frank van den Engel for Discours Film, Oeke Hoogendijk for Discours. Length: 71 min. International Sales: Go2Films.

  • Friday
  • 18:00
  • Neues Maxim