Immersive Storytelling for Documentary Narratives

How AR and VR is changing narration

How is documentary storytelling changing through 'new' technologies? AR and VR in particular are changing the way stories are told and, above all, how they are received and experienced. We would like to introduce you to the projects LediZ and Loving Ones, which use these techniques. Each has its own dramaturgy and takes a clear position on why and for what purpose the chosen medium is the right one for the story to be told. The projects will be used to look at what opportunities new techniques offer us to make stories come alive and where their limits and risks lie.

The AR exhibition Loving Ones which is based on based on an idea by documentary director Biljana Garvanlieva will be shown during DOK.fest München at the Karin Wimmer Gallery. Besides that you can visit the virtual exhibition space here.

Daniel Kolb, Research Assistant at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
Tim Deussen, Studio Deussen

Kerstin Deixler, XPLR: Media in Bavaria


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Kerstin Deixler
Teamlead PR & Marketing (Medien.Bayern GmbH / XPLR: MEDIA in Bavaria)

After studying communications, public relations and psychology in Munich, she completed a trainee program at Fink & Fuchs focusing on marketing and communications. In 2018 she joined the Medien.Bayern GmbH (formerly known as Medientage München GmbH), where she was responsible for the marketing and communications activities of the MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN and the Media Lab Bayern. Last year she became Head of Marketing of XPLR: MEDIA in Bavaria and started building the new the media location initiative for the Bavarian state. With XPLR: MEDIA in Bavaria she shows people who are shaping the media world of tomorrow, informs about important trends and developments in the industry, and discovers the latest Bavarian media events!

Tim Deussen
(Studio Deussen)

Tim Deussen studied photography, psychology and film at New York University. Since his graduation with an MA Degree in 1996, he participated with his photo and video works in numerous exhibits, among them “Show your Wound” at Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv, “The means of Art” at Kunsthaus Dresden, “Easy Transport” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia, and several exhibits in Berlin where he has his studio. There he realizes media productions ranging from photography and animations to virtual and augmented reality experiences. Currently he works on a cross platform experience between animation, book, AR & 3D printing, telling the story of #Trompadu a small elephant who fights against greedy oil pumps in order to save the planet.

Daniel Kolb
(Leibniz Supercomputing Centre)