The films in our DOK.deutsch competition series once again cover a broad spectrum of social themes and discourses. Also a commentary on the interaction between public and private life.



Deutschland 2019 – Director: Thomas Ladenburger – including Q&A

Anastasia is dedicated to her role as a Commanding Officer in the German armed forces and is the first transgender woman to hold this position. She feels just as comfortable in olive green as she does under the rainbow flag and faces any misgivings with charm, candour and passion.

We present the world premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019.

English/Original Title: ICH BIN ANASTASIA. Camera: Thomas Ladenburger, Elfi Mikesch, Ralph Netzer. Sound: Astrid Menze, Lilly Grote, Markus Tiarks, Bassano Bonelli Bassano, Manuela Schiniá. Editing: Lena Rem. Music: Oli Biehler. Production: Thomas Ladenburger. Producer: Thomas Ladenburger. Length: 95 min. Distribution: MissingFilms.

  • Friday
  • 21:30
  • Atelier 1