BEYOND THE IMAGES - Camera-day presented by ARRI

Narrative documentaries live from their immediacy. DOP's are repeatedly confronted with challenges: Decisions have to be made spontaneously and intuitively - the responsibility often lies with the people behind the camera.

For the first time, DOK.fest dedicates a whole day to camera work in documentary film. BEYOND THE IMAGES focuses on creative, technical, collaborative and social aspects of the working reality of DOP's. An industry day for documentary filmmakers and especially the people behind the camera.

Following BEYOND THE IMAGES, we invite all participants to attend the award ceremony of the ARRI AMIRA AWARD. The ticket for BEYOND THE IMAGES is also valid for the award ceremony. More information here.


New and Different - constantly
Rising expectations on DOP's
Keynote and panel
10.00-13.00, HFF Audimax

The demands on DOP'S are constantly increasing -  producers, as well as directors and editors set high standards. At the same time, the technical conditions are subject to constant change. We discuss the work of DOPs with representatives from the different areas.

Moderation: Prof. Michael Leuthner (Macromedia University), Daniel Sponsel (DOK.fest)
Guests: Petra Felber (editor), Ingo Fließ (producer), Christian Frei (filmmaker) and Pauline Roenneberg (filmmaker), Christoph Hutterer (editor)
The talks will be held in german, english translation will be provided.



Storage Workflow Update
Workshop with David Newton (de/eng)
14.00-15.00 and 15.45-16.45, HFF Cinema 2

Speed and security in handling data storage are not only a challenge for large film productions. Recording, backup and archiving require reliable solutions, especially when budgets are tight. We show you how to get your data under control with the right hardware and software.

Speakers: David Newton (filmmaker), Christoph Fries (MacConsult)

In cooperation with MacConsult


AG DOK camera test
14.00-15.30, HFF Audimaxx

AG DOK has examined the majority of currently relevant cameras in the documentary film sector. The selection included devices of all price ranges with log or RAW recording. The tests focus on image quality. The team presents the test images via DCP and illuminates misguided views regarding 4k, number of sensor pixels and resolution.

Workshop leaders: Rasmus Sievers (cameraman), Felix Trolldenier (colorist, Trollfilm)
The workshop will be held in german, english translation will be provided.

In cooperation with AG DOK



Raus aus der Preisfalle!
15.45–17.15 Uhr, HFF Audimax

Vorsicht! Wer sich auf Preiskämpfe einlässt, sitzt schnell in der Falle. Denn wer wenig verdient, braucht jeden Auftrag – auch schlecht bezahlte. Ein Teufelskreis. Der Workshop Raus aus der Preisfalle! erklärt, wie man dieser Logik entrinnt: Er zeigt, warum selbständig verdientes Geld viel weniger wert ist als Arbeitslohn von Angestellten. Er führt vor, wie Kameraleute selbst schlechte Bezahlung provozieren. Und er liefert einen systematischen Ansatz für alle Freelancer, gute Arbeit in besseres Geld zu verwandeln.

Workshopleitung: Ingo Däubner (Kameramann)
This workshop will be held in german only


Masterclass with Richard Ladkani
18.00 - 19.00, HFF Audimax

The award-winning director and DOP Richard Ladkani recently caused an international sensation with his Netflix documentary "Ivory Game" about illegal ivory trade. In a master class at DOK.fest Munich, the Austrian talks about his current film project. It is about the fight against the destruction of an entire ecosystem and how ARRI camera technology helped him during the difficult shooting in the waters off the coast of Mexico. The Masterclass ends with a Q&A session.
The masterclass will be held in german, english translation will be provided.

In cooperation with ARRI



Award Ceremony: ARRI AMIRA AWARD
20:00 - 22:30, HFF Audimax

The ARRI AMIRA Award honours outstanding documentary camera work. It is endowed with 5,000 euros.

This year, Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor will be honored for their cinematographic achievements with their film CANIBA. "Our own need to distance ourselves becomes ever greater, we feel pressed, we literally squirm in front of the screen, but we cannot escape. Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor create this inescapable confrontation through their clever and consistent image design. They force us to trace our own limits and cross them at the same time," wrote the jury in its statement.



Tickets: 20,00 EUR / reduced: 10,00 Euro Tickets for BEYONS THE IMAGES are also valide for the ARRI AMIRA AWARD Ceremony

Tickets are on sale via München Tickets. Holder of a DOK.fest accreditation can purchase reduced tickets starting from May, 2nd in in the Festival Centre.

Partner of BEYOND THE IMAGES and donor of the ARRI AMIRA AWARD is ARRI

  • Monday
  • 10:00
  • HFF - Audimax