Award Ceremony DOK.edit Award – presented by Adobe

At München, the editing award, endowed with 5,000 euros, will be awarded the third time.


It has been true for a long time that the finished film is made at the editing table. Even though the work processes are now digitalised, editing remains one of the most central and critical phases in the making of any documentary film. To highlight the importance of editing in documentary film, an editing award will be presented for the third time at DOK.fest München 2023 with the DOK.edit Award – presented by Adobe

The award was developed in cooperation with Adobe, who are also the sponsors of the 5,000 euros award. Its aim is to shed light on the post-production of documentary films and to honour the work of editors. Films with outstanding editing work are nominated. The prize is awarded across all series.

The nominated films will be presented at the festival with extended Q&As with the DOK.edit jury and the respective editor(s).

We will present the winning film.

Jury and moderation

Barbara Toennieshen, freelance film editor
Sven Kulik, film editor
Peter König, film editor

The nominees 2023

#RACEGIRL – DAS COMEBACK DER SOPHIA FLÖRSCH, Editors: Finbarr Wilbrink, Karoline Schulz

DEMON MINERAL, Editors: Timothy Fryette, Nyneve Laura Minnear



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Serbia, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Qatar 2022 – Director: Mila Turajlić – Original language: Arabic, English, French, Serbian – Subtitles: English

Cameraman Stevan Labudović followed Yugoslavia’s President Tito on his transcontinental search for new allies during the cold war. Decades later, the director discovers the film footage created back then in a Belgrade film archive and turns it into a fascinating and touching account of an almost forgotten mission and a time full of hope for a better world. Monika Haas


Camera: Mila Turajlić. Sound: Aleksandar Protić. Editing: Sylvie Gadmer, Mila Turajlić. Music: Jonathan Morali. Production: POPPY PICTURES, SURVIVANCE. Producer: Carine Chichkowsky, Mila Turajlić. Length: 100 min.

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  • Wednesday
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