DOK.edit Award – presented by Adobe

DOK.edit Award – presented by Adobe is ponsored by Adobe and endowed with 5,000 euros. Nominated are films with outstanding editing work.


Peter Indergand


Peter Indergand is a Swiss cinematographer. Since graduating from the American Film Institute AFI in Los Angeles, he has photographed over 50 feature and documentary films. The collaboration with Christian Frei (WAR PHOTOGRAPHER, THE GIANT BUDDHAS, GENESIS 2.0) plays a central role in his work. These films have won various camera awards (among others: Special Jury Award for Cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival, Emmy Award nomination). The documentary ELDORADO by Markus Imhoof also received considerable attention. In 2019, Peter Indergand received the Swiss Film Prize for his camera work on this film. Peter Indergand is a member of the European and the Swiss Film Academy. He is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland.

Mary Stephen


Born in Hong Kong, Mary grew up in Canada and lives in Paris. She was French New Wave master Eric Rohmer’s film editor. She’s worked with directors from several continents, documentary and fiction : Fan Lixin’s LAST TRAIN HOME, Seren Yüce’s MAJORITY, Du Haibin’s 1428 and A YOUNG PATRIOT, Tiffany Hsiung’s THE APOLOGY, Nicole Schafer’s BUDDAH IN AFRICA, Yang Lina’s WILD GRASS, Ann Hui’s OUR TIME WILL COME and LOVE AFTER LOVE. She also writes, produces and directs.

Ruken Tekes

Human rights expert, Director

Ruken Tekes was born in Diyarbakir, Turkey. She is an international human rights expert, worked for the United Nations and as lecturer at Koç University. She is a self-made filmmaker; started scriptwriting, directing and producing on social, political and environmental issues in 2015. Her multi-award-winning first fiction short THE CIRCLE (2016) has participated in over two hundred festivals worldwide and nominated for 30th European Film Awards – European Short Film 2017. Her feature documentary debut AETHER (2019) premiered in International Competition of Visions du Réel FF, screened as part of DocFest München 2020 Programme, and continues screening and receiving awards. She is in development phase of her feature fiction debut PHILAX and currently based in Istanbul. Tekes is a member of the European Film Academy.