DOK.edit Award – presented by Adobe 2022:

It has been true for a long time that the finished film is made at the editing table. Even though the work processes are now digitalised, editing remains one of the most central and critical phases in the making of any documentary film. To highlight the importance of editing in documentary film, an editing award will be presented for the second time at DOK.fest München 2022 with the DOK.edit Awardpresented by Adobe. 

The award is donated by Adobe and endowed with 5,000 euros. As part of the new programme focus "Re:arranging Reality", it revolves around the post-production of documentary films and is being developed in cooperation with the company Adobe. Nominated are films with outstanding editing achievements across all series.


Award winners 2022: DAUGHTERS by the Editors Åsa Mossberg and Line Schou

Sweden/Denmark 2022, Jenifer Malmqvist, 90 min.

Sofia, Hedvig and Maja were still children when their mother decided to end her life. For over ten years, the director Malmqvist has observed and listened to her protagonists as they grieve, remember, reflect on their trauma and speak about the unspeakable: the suicide of a parent. A unique, long-term observational documentary on a taboo topic.


Jury statement

"The editing of the film takes us by the hand interweaving the different periods of time, leaving gaps and even allowing for speechlessness", the jury states. "Åsa Mossberg and Line Schou have succeeded in interweaving the different phases of processing this painful experience into a flowing whole. (...) The film editing brings us to these traumatic memories with great respect and sensitivity and takes us along this journey for the duration of the film, even if the process will remain a lifelong one."


The further nominees

Austria 2021, Jannis Lenz, 76 min.
Editors: Jannis Lenz, Roland Stöttinger, Nooran Talebi

As a child, Ahmet wanted to be an actor. Joining the Austrian army offered more security. He boxes, is disciplined and in great shape but now he is playing Stanley in “A Streetcar Named Desire” and must learn to show feelings. A complex search for identity and at the same time a wonderfully musical play on stereotypes and role models.


France 2021, Robin Hunzinger, 74 min.
Benoît Quinon

Their love affair lasted for two summers: Marcelle and Emma met in the 1920s, had to separate and lived from then on in separate worlds. Emma embodied the intellect, Marcelle, love. Marcelle becomes seriously ill. Will they see each other again? A moving, forbidden love story in letters and black and white found film footage.


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