– Award for New Narrative Formats 2022

Sponsored by Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien - Prize for New Narrative Formats explores contemporary forms for journalistic factual or documentary storytelling. The prize is endowed with 2,500 euros.

Five exciting projects that innovatively combine different media formats and platforms with content will pitch for the prize. The award ceremony will take place as part of at the 37th DOK.fest Munich (04 to 15 May 2022). The pitches are public for the industry, the jury and the audience can ask questions after the pitches. 


Award winners 2022: SNEAKERJAGD by Benedikt Dietsch and Lorenz Jeric


SNEAKERJAGD is a data-driven investigative research that takes the audience on a global cross-media report. What happens to our old sneakers after we dispose of them? The old sneakers of eleven celebrities were to bring special attention to the sneaker hunt. They became narrative threads, data providers and faces of the story. For this, we hid GPS transmitters in the soles of the shoes, disposed of them and tracked them for more than five months and many thousands of kilometres across the world.



Jury statement

"SNEAKERJAGD shows in an impressive way how journalism can implement a topic in an imaginative way and reach a broad community, bringing them closer to the very relevant topic of "fast fashion" in an entertaining way. In doing so, Lorenz Jeric and Benedikt Dietsch question green promises made by manufacturers through data and information that is accessible to everyone. Various channels are used for this: Print, film, podcast, newsletter and an interactive map on the web on which the signals from the GPS trackers in the shoes can be traced. The authors show that this is how journalism or digital storytelling can work and a current topic can be presented in an exciting way."


The further Nominees 2022


Virtual Reality
Director/Project Management: Boris Hars-Tschachotin

One border, three perspectives, three very personal points of view from three very different protagonists. The common point of departure for these three life moments is the iconic photograph from 15 August 1961. This photograph of the fleeing border police officer is located in its original context in terms of time and space, condensed and transferred to our present in the form of a VR experience - close enough to touch as a physical and sensual experience.



Interaktive Infografik
Director/Project Management: Henning Oskamp

In the EUROPA app, a simulated Mediterranean crossing can be followed and the passengers accompanied in real time. The user becomes a witness to events on board, is informed about the previous escape routes and motives of the refugees and gains insight into the hardships and imponderables associated with the crossing - with an unpredictable outcome.



Virtual Reality
Director/Project Management: Susanne Kim und Alexander Herrmann

Wisdom (11), a boy with Cameroonian heritage, Joline (12), the girl who never wants to grow up, Elias (14), who lives on his own planet, and Roya (12), who came to Germany from Iran, take us on an adventurous journey into their minds and hearts. Together with our children, we created their dreams, fears and stories as an audiovisual and walk-through collage and embedded it in a VR experience. 



Augmented Reality
Director/Project Management: Kollektiv17 und Kathrin Schmitt

Mission Monument brings statues in public spaces to life and allows users to have a conversation with them. Thanks to augmented reality technology, the famous personalities can become interesting conversation partners through a smartphone or tablet display as 3D animations. 


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