Africa Day 2021 @home

Moving Beyond Diversity

Moving Beyond Diversity at Africa Day @home

We bring you the eighth Africa Day this year online and live to your home. Three films from and about Africa will be shown in the DOK.fest Munich online programme. And we are also continuing the panel discussion in digital format – this year with the topic: Moving Beyond Diversity.

Africa Day @home
09 May 2021, 6.00pm to 7.00pm
Online live event @DOK.fest München

Africa Day explicitly invites a different, more differentiated view of the African continent. To achieve this, we not only show films by filmmakers from the Global North ABOUT Africa, but also present films by African filmmakers FROM Africa. In the past, stories from the Global South were mostly told by filmmakers from the Global North. On Africa Day, we juxtapose films from different perspectives on a certain topic and let them correspond with each other. Africa also wants to continue the discussion in its 8th edition. However, it is about more than mere presence, numbers and quotas. "Moving Beyond Diversity" is the theme.


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Three films from three different parts of the continent make different realities of life visible:


France, Mali, South Africa 2021, Ousmane Samassékou, 85 min.

On the edge of the desert, on the sub-Saharan side, there is a Caritas facility: the Maison du Migrant. This is where those end up who want to move on, get stuck or decide to go back after all. About shame and the will to survive.


Netherlands, Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo 2020, Renzo Martens, 79 min.

"David against Goliath" in the field of tension between former Congolese plantation workers and the international art market. WHITE CUBE takes a pointed snapshot. Cynical, political, worth seeing!


France, Germany, Niger 2021, Aïcha Macky, 82 min.

Young unemployed people, who have gone unnoticed by society throughout their lives, gang up together and rebel. As a result of their lack of prospects, some fall into criminality and end up in jail, others become smugglers. The director captures their everyday lives and explores the roots of the radicalisation that is running rampant in Zinder and Niger’s Sahel region.


Live Online Discussion

We will welcome the filmmakers of ZINDER (Aïcha Macky), THE LAST SHELTER (Ousmane Samassekou), WHITE CUBE (Renzo Martens) to the live broadcast.
"Moving Beyond Diversity" is the theme of the evening. What does sustainable system change look like? We encourage a critical examination of and reflection on the topic through the medium of artistic documentary film. The conversation will focus on the differences and similarities in the history of filmmaking, film aesthetics and production conditions.
The discussion will take place from 6.00–7.00pm and can be seen live in English on our website and YouTube.

You can find the event here.


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