Sorina Gajewski

Director (Sorina Gajewski)

Sorina (*1994) is a freelance writer, director and photographer in Berlin. With her first short film, she won 1st prize at the Bundesfestival Junger Film in 2014. After studying film and photography at the "CIEVYC'' in Buenos Aires, she has been studying directing at the DFFB since 2018. In Argentina and Germany she worked as a writer, 1st assistant director and photographer. In 2022 she received a film grant from the BKM and was nominated by the DFFB for the scholarship "Studienstiftung Deutsches Volk" 2022. Her latest short film "das ist das letzte Mal, dass ich das mache" was screened at various festivals such as Achtung Berlin and the 44th Moscow International Film Festival. With her first feature film she was selected for the HerArts Lab in Italy and the Torino Next Feature Lab in 2023.

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