United Kingdom 2007 – Director: Julian Cole – Original language: English

"Conservative anarchists, that's what we are." Loved and hated with unprecedented fervour, banned by the authorities and panned by the critics, Gilbert & George have been a singular and controversial double act for over four decades. Inside their inner sanctum, the Spitalfields studio, the individuals inside a single artist are revealed; a permanent living sculpture inseparable from each other and their art. Insight is gained into their unique visual language, their 'humanistic art' and what they believe the real legacy of our times should be. Subject turned filmmaker Cole began filming footage eighteen years ago, placing them as witnesses to vast social, artistic, and cultural shifts. This tightly edited, yet epic, film traces modest beginnings to art world stardom. Always remaining true to their "art for all" credo, the pair has held more exhibitions than any other contemporary artist. They have transcended cultural barriers with groundbreaking shows in Russia and China, taking their art to the world with 'missionary zeal'.

"We wanted to make an art that everybody would be able to understand. If a child comes into a gallery he should be able to understand us." Gilbert & George

Writer: Julian Cole. Camera: Julian Cole, David Lagan, Raymond O'Daley. Sound: Akim Mogaji, Jean Abreu. Editing: Ben Hole, David Mingay. Music: Neil Kaczor. Production: Whole Picture Productions. Producer: Julian Cole. Length: 104 min.

Competition (2002-2009) 2008
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