Germany 2009 – Director: Knut Karger – Original language: German

“In the end nothing will remain of us…” That is the laconic essence of this film, which asks what mankind will leave behind so as not to be forgotten and to conserve memories of itself and its culture. We bury time capsules with documents to be discovered in a hundred or a thousand years. We preserve archives on microfilm and bury them in mines. We collect plant seeds and deposit them in nitrogen-cooled gene banks. We build clocks as monuments that are supposed to run for ten thousand years and we launch messages in spacecraft to leave a lasting reminder of humanity for the next billion years. Knut Karget’s film is not a horror scenario but instead a consideration of our desire for immortality, which highlights clever, sometimes comical, but in any case sophisticated examples of what we will do to achieve it.

English/Original Title: What will remain.... Camera: Diana Weilepp. Production: luethje & schneider film in Koproduktion mit dem BR und der HFF München. Producer: Florian Schneider & Maren Lüthje. Length: 78 min.

DOK.special 2010
  • Tuesday
    Atelier 1
    German and English with German and English subtitles