Germany 2016 – Director: Carmen Eckhardt – Original language: German

There are people who insist on the past. And others who brush it aside. They collect minerals and listen to uncles and aunts and understand: nothing. Or they can’t talk about it. Paragraphs conclude the rest. Until someone comes and struggles through them and discovers a person. It is worth it.

English/Original Title: VIKTOR'S HEAD. Writer: Carmen Eckhardt. Camera: Gerardo Milsztein. Sound: Robert Kellner. Editing: Martin Hoffmann. Music: Eli Thoböl. Production: SeeMoreFilm, RGB Storynetwork. Producer: Carmen Eckhardt, Martin Hoffmann. Length: 88 min.

#History and Coming to Terms with the Past

DOK.special 2017
  • Sunday
    HFF - Kino 2
    German version