Germany 2019 – Director: Marcus H. Rosenmüller – Co-Director: Johannes Kaltenhauser – Original language: German – Subtitles: None – Length: 93 min.

The band Dreiviertelblut was initially the side project of two busy people: film composer Gerd Baumann and Bananafishbones front man Sebastian Horn. Together they founded the Heimatsound formation in 2012 and quickly filled entire concert halls with their multilayered and complex compositions. Grown to a seven-piece band, Dreiviertelblut presents its third album "Diskothek Maria Elend" live at Circus Krone. DREIVIERTELBLUT – LIVE IM CIRKUS KRONE is a concert film that was part of the filming of the forthcoming documentary film DREIVIERTELBLUT – WELTRAUMTOURISTEN.




Camera: Johannes Kaltenhauser. Editing: Johannes Kaltenhauser. Production: Südkino Filmproduktion GmbH. Producer: Johannes Kaltenhauser, Patrick Lange.

Munich Premieres 2020