Germany 2015 – Director: Jakob Defant, Felix Hermann – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

Ianina Ilitcheva writes. In the past two years alone she has tweeted 30,000 short poems and messages. Ianina’s language is raw and powerful and the film’s approach to the author is accordingly bold and candid.

English/Original Title: ROUGH DIAMONDS. Writer: Felix Herrmann, Jakob Defant. Camera: Felix Herrmann, Jakob Defant. Sound: Annika Sehn. Editing: Nina Ergang. Music: Johannes Mai, Bruno Mokross, Rick Reuther, Nils Schröder. Production: Weckelmann & Meyer Filmproduktion Gbr. Producer: Lena Weckelmann, Caroline Meyer. Length: 24 min. International Sales: HFF München Distribution: HFF München

#BEST DOKS #Literature

Student Award 2016
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